This part of the howto explain how the program work. The program uses HTTP protocol, and HTML code to 'talk' with the browser.
To select the function that will be used, list files, download a particular file, extract TAG info, statictis, etc ..., the program uses a pseudo-cgis.
For example:

    The pseudo-cgi s will show the server statitictis. 'Pseudo-cgi' supose that isn't really a cgi, only the call is the same.

    http://localhost:4662/s?  in your browser will show the server statitictis.

The command are:


http://localhost:4662/l?   - List the files.
http://localhost:4662/b?file=Juanito%20Valderrama  - Search for 'Juanito Valderrama'.
http://localhost:4662/f?file=Fichero%20de%20configuracion.cfg - Download the file called 'Fichero de configuracion'

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