Firts at all, you must obtain the lastest source of the program. You can download it form sourceforge.net

Now, it´s time to unpack the source, depending the kind of Unix do this:

        gzip -d webp2p-vX.X.X.tar.gz
        tar -xvf webp2p-vX.X.X.tar

          tar -zxvf webp2p-vX.X.X.tar.gz

A folder name webp2p-vX.X.X will be created and the source will be unpacked. It's time to compile the source.

       make solaris; make install
       make ; make install

The compilation can be modified with a specific flags.

If you have a little computer, the maximum number of clients can be 3 for example, but if you have a big network with a lot of clients, you want more.
This can be specified in the compilation time. Only add the flag -DMAX_PROC x, where x is the number of max process.


       gcc server.c -o ser -DMAX_PROC 10                      This is for the standard sever.
       gcc server-c -o sser -DSSER -DMAX_PROC 10      This is for the search server.

The MAX_JUMPS it's other flag that specified the number of Jumps for one search in the network. It's a flag only for Search Server.


       gcc server-c -o sser -DSSER -DMAX_JUMPS 5      This is for the search server.

With the source compiled and the binaries in /usr/local/bin, you can now mount your little or big share network, based in nodes.

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